Brooks Reynolds

Starting his career in photography, Brooks is an award winning director who creates original and cinematic work. He has directed global video campaigns for brands such as Disney, Bayer, Bell, American Express, Coca Cola, Nike, and Sportchek, and is the winner of Gold honors at the ADCC awards, and Silver honors at both Cannes and The One Show. He is a talented storyteller, and effortlessly draws strong performances and creates striking visuals in his work. He also is an experienced photographer and cinematographer. Brooks has an amazing reputation for thoughtful collaboration and paying off the idea. His passion for beautiful human stories is evident in his work, peppered with nuance, heartfelt and playful performances. His most recent short film Not Enough, written and directed by Brooks, is a beautiful story of a child’s curiosity and a father’s self-doubt, and is a wonderful example of Brooks’ range in visual aesthetic and mindful eye.




Toronto | Canada